Weekly check-ins

Check ins are a great tool to help us reflect on our behaviours to learn and change new habits. To get to know your coach and for us to get to know you. The more open and honest you are the better they are. Having a moment weekly to reflect on your nutrition keeps you focused and on your goals.


Any time coach messaging

Some times a weekly check in won’t be enough. Your coach will answer questions any time you like (apart from Sundays — everyone needs a day off) or even just talk you down from grabbing that bar of chocolate.


Personalised calories

Everyone is different and everyone needs different amounts of energy to fuel there body and this is why we all need our own amount of calories. This is why we work with you to figure out what works with you instead of using generic calories calculators that don’t know you at all.


Macro splits

As we all know we don’t get to have full control to make our plates perfect every day. We are going for consistency, not perfection and having macro splits allows us to be consistent and still have the foods we love — who can resist a couple of squares of chocolate


Precision nutrition & habit education

Precision nutrition is an amazing tool that we use to help teach you about your nutrition habits. It emails you daily to help to develop self reflection and create keep you honest about if you are creating and sticking to your new habits. Precision nutrition is a proven framework with them having helped 1000’s of clients.  


Meal timing

We have our habits down and we are nice getting pretty consistent, the last peice of the puzzle is to timing your macros to feul your body optimally. This will look like more carbs and protein and less fat around training. Then splitting the rest through out the day keep you fueled and your muscles happy.

​​We can’t wait to share this journey with you! Let                    do your admin so you can focus on the important stuff