— Creating sustainable long term wellness

It sounds easy right? I mean, all we are asking is to lose that extra 5kgs, get fit and lean and for it to only takes two weeks? No problem. Except, in reality it won’t take 2 weeks and can be pretty challenging. The Remedy wants to help you get there.


Through education based nutrition coaching, we will provide you accountability, strategies and plans - in addition we are here to be a friendly ear to listen (or shoulder to cry on) to help you create new habits that will help you achieve your goals.


We want to be fit and healthy so you’re one of the healthiest old people you’ll ever meet! The Remedy can coach you through nutrition plans to help you reach all your goals.


Nutrition takes time and commitment (sorry, but it’s true), with new knowledge and habits set out by your coach plus their accountability The Remedy will help you make life long changes to reach and then stay at your goal weight, fitness level, or body composition.

​​We can’t wait to share this journey with you! Let                    do your admin so you can focus on the important stuff

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